Preparing for a Meaningful, Stress-Free Memorial Day

Memorial Day began in the years following the Civil War. As one story goes, a group of Mississippi women were decorating Confederate graves, and noticed that the neighboring Union graves were bare. So they placed flowers on those graves, too.

This May 28th, the original spirit of Memorial Day—one of national unity—is more relevant than ever. At 3:00 pm local time, a national moment of remembrance is observed. Even if it’s for just a few minutes, we encourage you to do something this May 28 to honor our country’s fallen soldiers.

Since Memorial Day is a federal holiday, you may be closing your business for the day. If you are, make sure to check out these helpful tips.

Take a moment to show you care

Before moving on to all the logistical needs of closing your business over Memorial Day, make sure you take a moment or two to focus on what’s truly important. If any of your employees have lost family members in the service, now is the perfect time to honor their sacrifice with a few acknowledging words. It may not seem like much to you, but it can mean everything to them.

Safely store portable devices

Before the long weekend, you’ll want to be sure all your building’s portable devices, electronics, and other valuables are safely stored in a locked drawer or cupboard where possible. Nothing spoils a nice long weekend quite like returning to the office to find you’ve been a victim of theft, but if you take precautions ahead of time, you can enjoy your weekend without worrying about that.

Check security systems

Even with all your valuables safely stored, you’ll want to do a quick check to make sure your building’s security system is turned on and functional before leaving the office for the weekend. And be sure to let any security guards know that you and your staff won’t be coming in on Monday.


Additionally, consider turning off and unplugging your devices before you leave to cut down on electricity costs and reduce the risk of fire or property damage. (You might try unplugging yourself, too!)

Leave a clean office

While grilling your chicken and hamburgers, you may be unknowingly supplying a Memorial Day feast for pests in your closed up building. Three days are more than enough time for rodents and bugs to dig into any food you or your employees left out on Friday. That’s why it never hurts to check for any exposed food and empty the trash before starting a long weekend.

Water your plants

If you have any office plants, you may want to give them a last watering so they don’t dry out over the three-day weekend. After that, check one more time that all the lights are turned off and the doors are locked, and you’re finally ready to enjoy your day off! On behalf of all of us at Gilbert International, we hope you have a safe, meaningful Memorial Day weekend.

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